Spam Call Filter / Block

  1. What is Call Filter function?

    This function is to protect users from receiving annoying spam calls.
    Basically, Call Defender uses database collected by HK Junkcall. And whenever users get phone calls from phone numbers in this database, it will decide how to block those calls.

  2. What is Spam Number Block?

    If you turn this on, calls from our spam databas will be blocked automatically. Calls will be blocked according to users' settings. You can also enter or choose any number you want to block manually

  3. What is Recent Malicious Call Block?

    While the database provided by HK Junkcall can block most of the spam calls, there are always some numbers that are not registered into the DB yet.
    With this exclusive feature for pro users, HK Junkcall will detect suspicious calls in real time and protect users before they get the new spam calls.

  4. How can you search numbers in offline DB?

    To search a number, simply press search button at the top right corner of the main screen and type in any phone number you want to look up.

  5. What does [Update] mean? / How can you update your database?

    This button is to download offline database manually.
    For free users, you can download after watching an ad (limited once every 10 minutes).

  6. How can I block a number?

    There are several ways to block numbers. If you want to block by yourself, you can go into “Block Settings & Exceptions” > “Block list” and then choose “add” button.
    You can also report a number after finishing an incoming call. In the call end dialog, tab “Report” to report this number and block, or tab “Report Spam Number” in the app main page.

  7. What is whitelist?

    If you don’t want to block calls from certain numbers, you can open “Block Settings & Exceptions” > “whitelist” to add numbers that you don’t want to block.

  8. How can you change call filter settings?

    To change the settings, please try “Block Settings & Exceptions” menu in Call Filter tab OR “Advanced Settings” from the menu for advanced settings.

  9. What is spam filter level?

    It is to determine what kinds of spam calls the user want to block.

    1. Level High: All spam calls including suspicious calls will be blocked.
    2. Level Mid: All spam calls and some suspicious calls will be blocked.
    3. Level Low: Only spam calls will be blocked.

  10. I don’t want to block calls from my friends / contacts.

    If you want to make sure you get calls from your contacts, please turn on “Ignore contact numbers” option in “Block Settings & Exceptions” page.

  11. I don’t want to receive calls from private number. What should I do?

    To avoid calls from private number, please turn on “Block private number” option in “Block Settings & Exceptions” page.

  12. How often can I update the database?

    DB update can be done Once a day or Smart mode (automatic) depending on your subscription status. And for free users manual DB update is only available after watching an ad.

  13. I want to unblock some number I blocked before. What should I do?

    You have two options to choose from:

    1. 1) Please go to “Block Settings & Exceptions” in Call Filter tab or in menu. Open “Black list” page and delete blocked number from the list.
    2. 2) Please tab on “Menu” in the main page. Open “Blocked call history” page and unblock the item by long pressing on the number.

  14. I got a spam call from unknown number. How can I report / Block it?

    After you finish the call, you will see a dialog. Please choose “Report” button and fill out spam information.
    You can also open Call Defender app and then choose “Report spam number” button at the bottom of “Call Filter” page.

  15. I want to block calls from certain categories or industries only. What can I do?

    Please open “Advanced settings” and then select “Block categories” or “Block industries”

  16. Why SMS cannot be blocked on my phone?

    From Android OS 4.4 and over, SMS blocking function cannot be supported due to Google’s policy.

Quiet Mode

  1. What is Quiet Mode feature?

    In everyday life, answering to phone calls could be a real pain whether you are busy or having fun. Call Defender's new Quiet Mode lets users to enjoy their private time by making the phone muted when needed. Just turn on your schedule or timer in the “Quiet Mode” tab.

  2. What is Schedule mode?

    You can set the time of each day that you want to be muted yourself.

  3. What is Timer mode?

    Even though you are not using schedule mode, you can set the timer temporarily to enjoy privacy.

Caller ID

  1. What is caller ID service and how can I see information when I get a call?

    Caller ID service shows information about the person who is calling you.
    If there is an incoming call, you will see caller ID information. If it doesn’t show, please go to “Advanced settings” and turn on caller ID option: “Incoming call dialog” to “Online & Offline".

Subscription / Others

  1. I don’t want to see ads anymore. What can I do?

    If you are a free member, you should subscribe Call Defender pro. If you ever were a paid user, you can verify yourself in "About" > "Verify purchase history"

  2. How can I subscribe to Pro version?

    Please choose "Subscribe Call Defender Pro" from the menu and choose monthly / yearly plan.

  3. What is the benefit of using pro version?

    First of all, you can get full access to our database and get real time protection from spam calls. Also you can enjoy your privacy with Quiet Mode on. And of course, you don’t have to watch any more ads.

  4. I'm a pro user, and I recently got a new phone. What should I do?

    Please go to “About” > “Verify purchase history” to check your past purchases. Please make sure you have logged into Google Play with same account you have used before.

  5. I want to get a refund for the purchase. What should I do?

    Please contact us at